Multi-Color LED LightReact - 6Pack

The LightReact party pack loaded with our latest multi-color LED hit indication light units.  The 6Pack comes with 6 complete systems securely stored in a rugged hard-use-case ready for your next long range shooting outing, training class, or competition.

Now with multiple LED colors to choose from you can have the most rugged and reliable target hit indication system that is available and used by professionals for training and for national-level shooting events.  These systems are the brightest down-range hit indication systems on the market. The LightReact system consists of 1 target sensor and 1 light unit and you can choose from Blue & Red LEDs or Green & Red LEDs. With the push of a button you can select between Red hit indication flashes or a secondary color depending on which option you choose at check out.  For secondary colors we currently offer Blue or Green.  Your LightReact system will arrive with fresh batteries ready to deploy for months, of even years, of continuous use.

Features include:

  • These light units can flash 2 different colors, primary Red and secondary Blue or Green
  • Target impact indication in most conditions visible beyond 1 mile
  • Light color selection between primary/secondary color with button push 
  • Battery meter function with button push
  • Wireless operation
  • Link sensor and light units with button push – any light to any sensor
  • Link 1 light and multiple sensors with button push 
  • Milled aluminum housings
  • Cerakote - polymer-ceramic composite coating
  • Weatherproof to IP68 standards
  • Replaceable CR123 and CR2032 batteries
  • Complies with FCC Part 15 rules

Battery Life:

  • 1 Day a month:  2 Years of battery life with 25,000+ hit cycles  (powered up 5 hours each shooting day, 25 hits per hour)  
  • Every weekend is a match:  6-9 Months of battery life with 25,000+ hit cycles  (powered up for 16 hours each weekend, 75 hits per hour)
  • Always On:  1.5 Months of battery life with 25,000+ hit cycles  (always on, shooting 8 hours every day, 75 hits per hour

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