LightReact Target Impact Indication System (red LED only)

These systems come with our discontinued single-color LED light units.  Once our inventory of these light units is gone we will no longer be manufacturing single color LED flashers.  Check out our new multi-color LED light units. 

Our LightReact systems are simple, rugged, and reliable and they are the brightest target hit indication system available. The LightReact system consists of 1 target sensor and 1 light unit. Your LightReact system will arrive with fresh batteries ready to deploy for months, of even years, of continuous use.

Features include:

  • Flashing red lights visible beyond 1 mile
  • Milled aluminum housings
  • Cerakote - polymer-ceramic composite coating
  • Weatherproof to IP68 standards
  • Replaceable CR123 and CR2032 batteries
  • Battery meter function
  • Wireless operation
  • Link function – any light to any sensor
  • Link function – 1 light linked to multiple sensors
  • Complies with FCC Part 15 rules

Battery Life:

  • 1 Day a month:  2 Years of battery life with 25,000+ hit cycles  (powered up 5 hours each shooting day, 25 hits per hour)  
  • Every weekend is a match:  6-9 Months of battery life with 25,000+ hit cycles  (powered up for 16 hours each weekend, 75 hits per hour)
  • Always On:  1.5 Months of battery life with 25,000+ hit cycles  (always on, shooting 8 hours every day, 75 hits per hour

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